n the Summer of 1988, Big Jim opened his first sandwich shop in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the simple idea of giving the customer something more.  That meant putting more fresh, hand-sliced meat on the deli-style sandwiches and using real steak on their authentic Philly Cheese Steaks.  Big Jim’s became the talk of the town, and soon everyone from the Mayor to national celebrities were helping Big Jim’s become famous.

They were voted best cheesesteak in the metro Philly area for an incredible 6 years in a row!

More magic happened when Big Jim created the now-famous Ultimate Cuban Sandwich.  He started slow-roasting pork on the premises and selected only the finest, bread, meat and cheese.  He piled the meat high and added a special sub sauce--the recipe for which remains a secret to this day. The final outcome was the best tasting Cuban sandwich ever made, and a legend was born!

Today, we’re still family owned and operated, and making our famous Steaks and Cubans the same way Big Jim did over 20 years ago.    Try one of our great sandwiches and taste why we’re famous!